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This full-day cruise explores Langkawis southern islands with class and style on board the Sea Falcon. Sail with us through the picturesque strait between Dayang Bunting and Tuba islands, and then to the best highlights of the southern islands, such as the beautiful but very secluded Chawi Bay.


Room x 5 | Bathroom x 5
Steam room x 1 | Mini bar
Flat screen TV x 3
System – Controlled by Ipad
Portable speakers (waterproof)
Underwater lighting
Automatic lighting system (LED)
Outdoor shower

Inside Look

The boat design ingeniously maximises space, with two sundecks, a lounge, dining room, galley and navigation room plus a gorgeous private suite with a large flat-screen television.


Type: Twin Hull
Length: 55 feet
Width: 29 feet
Weight: 25000kg
Engine: 656 kw Maximum
speed: 25 knots
Maximum capacity: 30 pax


In mythology, the word Naam stands for the unlimited energy of the cosmic life force, and also the symphonic interplay between that life force and the essence of our individual beings.

We named ourselves Naam because we strive to bring you experiences that go beyond the ordinary and the familiar. We combine excitement with breathtaking natural beauty, so that you feel the very pulse of life within you. Whether you are searching for adventure, romance or indulgence, Naam will make those dreams come true.

As the premier leisure and watersports company, Naam specialises in nature adventures with class and style, utilising the very latest in maritime technology and engineering. Our company has three divisions: Naam Cruise, Naam Sports and Naam World Travel & Tours.

With us, you can experience virtually every facet of Langkawi’s breathtaking beauty. So get ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Naam.


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